Kendrick Lamar, who recently performed at the sixteenth birthday party for Christian Combs, one of Diddy’s sons, also spoke about how he sees the young man. 

“Sixteen is a real pinnacle age,” Lamar says in a The Leak video about Christian Combs’ birthday party. “What I love about the little one is the fact that he carry himself with respect. I feel like it’s almost the same energy that I had when I was 16. Though I had cats around me that was my age, I was always a little bit more advanced mentally on how to carry yourself…I feel like Christian got that.” 

In January, Kendrick Lamar also spoke about Diddy’s REVOLT studio being in Los Angeles. 

“In my town, I love it,” Lamar said of the studio. “It’s in L.A. I can come. I can visit. I can check it out. I can party. I can have fun. I can talk music. I can live music right here.” 

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