Rolling Stone has compiled a list of “50 Best Things We Saw at Coachella 2014.” 

The publication names Chance the Rapper as the “Biggest Breakout” from the music festival’s first weekend.

“Chance the Rapper drew a huge crowd, brought Justin Bieber along to perform their single ‘Confident’ and performed like a man ready to take his career to the next level,” the article says. “Backed by a live band (drums/guitar/keyboard/trumpet), Chance alternated between jacked-up bangers like ‘Juice’ and ballads like ‘That’s Love,’ croon-talking his way through the slow jams as if he were a Hip Hop Sinatra in overalls.”

OutKast’s Andre 3000 has been known to wear overalls. The Atlanta rapper did not at Coachella, and OutKast earned Rolling Stone’s “Most Anticipated Reunion” accolade.

“No act on opening day was met with more anticipation than OutKast, eight years after going silent at the height of their popularity and powers,” the story says. “When the big moment arrived, fans were packed on the grass and stretched nearly to the second stage as opening songs ‘B.O.B.’ (a.k.a. ‘Bombs Over Baghdad’), ‘Gasoline Dreams’ and ‘ATLiens’ flowed in an excited, frantic rush of classic rhymes.”

Another classic pairing earned Rolling Stone’s attention. Jay Z’s appearance with Nas was named as “Best Interruption of a Classic Album.” 

“Nas, bottle of Hennessy in hand, was celebrating the twentieth anniversary of his stone-cold classic debut Illmatic by performing the whole album, from ‘N.Y. State of Mind’ to ‘It Ain’t Hard to Tell,’” Rolling Stone says. “But three tracks in, he put that tribute on hold. Nobody complained because he was introducing a special guest: Jay Z, who joined him for ‘Dead Presidents’ (once upon a time, the source of a feud between the two rappers) and ‘Where I’m From.’”

Pharrell is from Virginia Beach and he benefitted from a bevy of collaborations, earning “Best Guest-a-Thon” on Rolling Stone’s list.

“First Nelly appeared to kick up some superstardust rap on his 2002 hit ‘Hot in Herre,’ which Pharrell produced as part of hitmaking duo the Neptunes,” the article says. “Next up was a kinetic Busta Rhymes, who tore up the stage with his performance of another Neptunes joint, ‘Pass the Courvoisier.’ That was followed by a rebellious performance of ‘Lapdance’ from Pharrell’s group N.E.R.D., enhanced by a suitably bugged-out turn by Odd Future mastermind Tyler, the Creator.”

Kid Cudi appeared to have an enjoyable debut at the California festival, earning “Happiest First-Timer” on Rolling Stone’s list.

“Nobody seemed happier to be making his Coachella debut than Kid Cudi, who bounded onstage with a cut-off red T-shirt that matched his microphone and led the crowd through one infectious hit after another,” the story says. “He couldn’t wipe the grin off his face, even when singing the emotional ‘Mr. Rager.'”

Solange was named the “Best Dancer” on Rolling Stone’s list.

“Solange was the weekend’s proprioception champion with plenty to spare: She skillfully led a crack band through a set of Eighties-flavored R&B, but what really impressed was her dancing,” Rolling Stone wrote. “Grinding her hips, throwing shapes, grooving, walking like an Egyptian: it was a master class in movement…When Beyoncé showed up to dance with her on ‘Losing You,’ big sister could equal Solange’s moves, but she couldn’t outshine them.”

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