During an interview with the online news talk show, Church of Reality, Public Enemy member Professor Griff had a few choice words for rapper Kanye West and his fiancée Kim Kardashian.

When asked to share his thoughts on Kanye allegedly threatening to move to Africa due to racism in the United States, Griff informed the Chicago emcee to “Move your ass to Africa.” Following his comments on Kanye, Griff then referred to the rapper’s fiancée as “a rich whore.”

“He’s trying to play both sides of the fence. He’s trying to play both sides,” Professor Griff said. “While he’s sitting on a hundred million. And you and I are living paycheck to paycheck…Move your ass to Africa. You understand what I’m saying? Take your fake ass wife with you. Shit. A rich whore.”

Despite his sometimes controversial commentary, Professor Griff revealed that no one has ever tried to approach him about his comments.

He then went on to provide his thoughts on the Illuminati, which he says isn’t real, and also questioned why people would be led to believe that rappers would be part of such an organization.

“Nah, they never get at me, but I see them online,” he said. “I see the Busta Rhymes people online. Talking about some Illuminati. Stuff ain’t real, man. Why would they be interested in some rappers? Stop it, bruh. Stop it. This is a lot larger than what you think it is, man. You understand what I’m saying? I see the naysayers, people talking smack. They don’t say it to me directly because hell, everybody got my phone number. You can call me, but they never do.”

As a member of Public Enemy, Professor Griff served as both road manager and Minister of Information for the group during their prime. His standing with Public Enemy took a blow in the late ‘80s when a controversial interview he took part in with The Washington Times surfaced.

According to a news story published by the New York Times in August 1989, Griff referred to Jews as “wicked” and responsible for “the majority of wickedness that goes on across the globe,” in his interview with The Washington Times.

Chuck D announced Professor Griff’s departure from the group shortly after the interview surfaced.

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