Nitty Scott, MC’s upcoming album, The Art Of Chill, is due May 23. 

The rapper released a teaser for the album, which includes information about the release. The teaser, below, announced that the album will include guest appearances from Top Dawg Ent.’s Ab-Soul and Rapper Big Pooh. 

In preparation for the album, Nitty Scott, MC also plans on releasing #Chilluminati Tuesdays, a behind-the-scenes series set to begin April 15. 

In March, Nitty Scott, MC spoke with HipHopDX about how this album will differ from her past releases

“I am going ahead and opening up with my story about sexual abuse,” Nitty Scott said at the time. “It’s something that I think happens way too often…I think [this album is] going to speak to so many women out there that can relate, and that have buried that and carried that with them.”

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