Despite rumors that YMCMB recently signed openly gay Hip Hop artist Fly Young Red, Cash Money Records rapper and president Mack Maine took to Twitter yesterday (April 8) to dispel the claims.

Last Friday (April 4), 24HourHipHop reported that Fly Young Red, responsible for the recent single “Throw That Boy Pussy,” had been signed to the label by Lil Wayne. While it seems the quoted material is not actually attributable to Wayne, the website also referenced the rapper as saying “good music is just good music.” “Have you ever been in the club when that joint came on?” he allegedly said.

In his Tweet, Mack Maine references the news as a possible publicity stunt.

Earlier today, Fly Young Red also took to Twitter to reiterate that the news was unsubstantiated.

Last month, Fly Young Red spoke with the Huffington Post about his aspirations as an openly gay artist and plans to release a mixtape called Pretty Boy Realness.

“I think females are beautiful I but I don’t find them sexually attractive. I like gay guys, so I made a song for gay guys to enjoy and dance to,” he said of his recent video single. “I made it to play at gay clubs. I never wanted this song on the radio at all—I’m not trying to push a gay agenda on the African American race or turn young Black youth gay. This music is not for either of them. All I wanted to do was make a song for the gay people that like Hip Hop to dance to. That’s it.”

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