In response to rapper Kanye West dishing out $250,000 to a man he allegedly attacked after the man verbally assaulted his fiancée Kim Kardashian, fellow artist Lord Jamar says the entire incident could have been avoided if Kanye had not emasculated himself.

While speaking with Vlad TV recently, the Brand Nubian emcee shared his belief that the 18-year-old in the incident approached Kanye’s fiancée because people now believe they can approach the rapper in any way.

“Your man Kanye just paid $250,000 to a nigga that just called his bitch a fuckin’ nigger-lover and all this crazy shit,” Lord Jamar said. “And he had to pay that in order to not have to pay more…I told you earlier that people think they can come at Kanye now cause he’s emasculated himself. You know what I mean? Like didn’t I—They’re not gonna say that to just anybody.”

Lord Jamar went on to state that the female companion of an artist like Jay Z, Game, or even Gucci Mane, would never be approached the way Kardashian was earlier this year. The rapper also revealed that ‘Ye had to put his hands on the teen to prove that he wasn’t emasculated.

“You see the type of shit that 50 be on. Ask yourself if 50’s girl would get that attack,” he said. “If Game’s girl would get that attack. Fuckin’ even like Gucci Mane. Or Jay Z. None of those type of mothafuckas are gonna get that attack. So now what did he have to do to prove that he wasn’t emasculated? He had to put his hands all over this mothafucka…From what I understand he really was throwing blows at this mothafucka…And did homeboy deserve that? Of course he did. But could you have avoided that from even happening by making other moves prior to that? Of course you could have.”

Lord Jamar’s commentary on Kanye paying $250,000 to the man he allegedly attacked doesn’t serve as the first time he’s criticized the rapper. During an exclusive interview with HipHopDX in January of this year, Jamar called Kanye a pioneer of the “feminine, emasculated style that’s trying to infiltrate Hip Hop.”

In addition to those comments, last year Lord Jamar released the Kanye West diss record, “Lift Up Your Skirt.” On the song, he raps, “Somebody mad at my hashtag / Instagram black man, lookin’ half a fag / With a blazer and dress, I’m just amazed at the mess / Pioneer of this queer shit is Kanye West.”

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