Detroit rapper Eminem was one of a handful of artists G-Unit emcee 50 Cent discussed during a recent interview with musician and radio personality DJ Drama. While speaking with Drama, 50 offered his praise for Eminem and even referred to the artist as someone who has made a substantial impact in Hip Hop.

The topic of Eminem was discussed as 50 Cent gave credit to Em for building up excitement among fans for his upcoming album, Animal Ambition.

“The reason why everyone was so excited about the 50 Cent project was [because] Em was excited about it,” he said. “And doing 22 million records on the Marshall Mathers album. You know what I mean? There’s no equal. What he means to our culture is crazy. He never gets the actual credit for it because they’ll look at him and make excuses. They’ll say ‘Oh, it’s cause he’s white.’ Yeah, it might have something to do with it. But he’s actually better than black artists.”

Another artist 50 Cent spoke on during his interview with Drama was fellow New York City emcee Troy Ave. 50 shared his praise for Troy as well, but did offer a brief critique of the rapper’s New York City: The Album record, “Show Me Love.”

The song samples 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” and according to 50, he’s more impressed when Troy creates records of his own.

“I like it when you see an artist that has been influenced by the music that’s there,” 50 Cent said. “A lot of the melodies and the stuff that he actually—his choices. I really like when I hear something from him. When I hear something that was his idea that comes out. And I go ‘Oh shit.’

“That was cool. That was cool, but I hear me on the record at the same time,” he added, when asked about Troy Ave’s “Show Me Love.” “So, I’m like ‘Oh, alright.’ But that’s [him] getting into the groove…This was a mixtape. So, to take something that you thought was cool and melodies off of and go ahead and do it it’s cool to do that. We rewrite verses. The artist that did it the first time really worked. Or really that creative energy came from them. And we doing it over a new way with new lines. And you be like ‘He killed it.’ But it still wasn’t his from the very beginning.”

50 Cent also addressed the status of G-Unit, which he says is intact, but isn’t benefitting from the actions of its members.

“They don’t do what they’re supposed to do with the actual money or the decisions that they make,” the rapper said. “You know what they say when they’re in trouble? ‘I’m a grown ass man. I can do what I want to do’…It’s not like I owe someone. If they tell me I owe ‘em I pay ‘em right now. Anybody that tell you I owe ‘em…I kinda saw Banks as if he wanted his independence. And I’m fine with that. They’re supposed to grow until they’re not around me anymore. Til they’re their own animal.”

In February of this year, G-Unit member Tony Yayo informed fans that the group was no longer together. According to, Yayo left the following caption under a picture he posted on Instagram: “to much stress i flew the world already dropped an album time to try new things and the unit not together fuck it.”

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