DJ Mustard says he was surprised when he heard the final version of “Sanctified,” a beat he co-produced with Kanye West for Rick Ross’s Mastermind album

“I can play you the original song and you wouldn’t even notice that ‘Sanctified’ came from this,” Mustard says in an interview with Hardknock.TV.

“The crazy shit about it is he did it and I didn’t know that was my beat,” Mustard adds. “That’s how different it sounds.”

The song sounded so different from the original cut to Mustard, he says Kanye West could have gotten away with not giving him credit. 

“He could have just took it and I wouldn’t have even known,” Mustard says. 

DJ Mustard plays the original song in the clip, explaining how West manipulated its sounds. 

“Kanye slowed it all the way down,” Mustard explains. “Then all of my sounds, slowed them all the way down. And then he put the sample on top of it which made it dope.” 

“Sanctified” may not be the last fans hear of Kanye West and DJ Mustard collaborating. 

“We did a gang of shit,” Mustard says. “I left him 100 beats. He cool.”  

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