FYUTCH — the rapper formerly known as Future — was thinking of a way to reignite his career after the Atlanta-based rapper-singer-producer named Future rose to prominence with the same moniker.

The Nashville-based FYUTCH got his break last week when Nardwuar asked Future if he had heard of the original Future, who changed his name to FYUTCH once Future became a chart-topping artist.

“That was kind of the look I was looking for,” FYUTCH says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “I’ve been holding my piece for a pretty long time. Now that I have at least a little bit bigger of a platform, I want to clarify the situation, at least let people know I do this.”

What do do with that platform came when a friend of his gave FYUTCH the suggestion to a song called “The Other Future.” His friend said and discussed what the term Future means to him. FYUTCH used the instrumental to Future’s “Move That Dope” to make “The Other Future,” in which he calls out the Atlanta artist. 

“The way I kind of positioned it [is] that I’m the very opposite of the Future, in every term — if you’re talking about lyrics, song content, as far as story,” he says of the song, which premiered on HipHopDX today (April 4). “As far as what I stand for in my values morally, I’m the very opposite. This was a perfect opportunity to shed light on that image, the other Future, FYUTCH, being just complete night and day.” 

FYUTCH, who is slated to shoot a video for “The Other Future” next week, also uses the song to voice his displeasure with certain aspects of Rap, naming Migos and YG, in particular.

“I wanted to use this as an opportunity to take out my frustrations about the name, but Hip Hop in general,” he says. “This is getting to the point where the N-word, ‘nigga this,’ ‘nigga that’ is getting redundant. It’s getting idiotic.”

FYUTCH had addressed his issues with Future on “Identity Crisis,” a song from his Mr. Flattop mixtape, which was released in 2012.

“His singles and his name kind of ate up any little traction that I was making at the time because I was really just hitting the blog circuit,” he says. “It came at a really, really unfortunate time for me. I just wanted recognition of the fact that I had the name first.”

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