Jay Electronica went on what he referred to as a rant today (April 4) on Twitter. The Roc Nation rapper’s comments focus on a variety of issues, including “crooked ass police,” George Zimmerman, the education system, the music industry and people he identifies as “so-called” thugs.

An excerpt from the rapper’s Twitter feed is below.

and i don’t respect no so-called thug that will kill his brother for little or nothing but submit to these crooked ass police. your gun don’t really go off. only against your own brother who is in the mud like you. coward. “thugs” and “goons” walk past george zimmerman everyday. why he aint get his head bust yet? whats sad is pp will fight or oppose you if you dabble in this kind of talk.. but they won’t fight the school for teaching the babies lies. they won’t fight the banks for stealing their homes or the fda for approving poison to be fed to the ppl. how i say it may not come out right, but you motherfuckers know what I’m saying, and those that pretend they don’t are just pretenders

Jay Electronica continued his rant, saying that many people, including bloggers, journalists and label executives, are “acting like fucking CIA operatives.” Moreover, Electronica says people “have abandoned [their] inner constitution for turn up kits and social networking hype.” 

The rapper finished his Twitter remarks by posting two YouTube links. One of the links features a video titled “police shoot innocent man MUST WATCH,” and the other clip is below, followed by screenshots of Electronica’s rant. 

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