With his work in film production and his involvement with Cheetah Vision, Queens rapper 50 Cent now has 10 films and four television shows in the works. The G-Unit helmsman revealed the news during a recent interview with Atlanta-based radio station V-103.

Among the television shows 50 is set to release is one based off of a book he wrote about bullying. The animated show, which will take its cue from 50 Cent’s book “Playground,” was reportedly picked up by Fox.

“I’ve been working away from music,” 50 Cent said. “Like I just was watching the cycle of how things work. So, I moved away from it because I didn’t feel like I could make music that would cut through at that point. So, I started focusing on film production. I did 10 films through Cheetah Vision. Like I raised 250 million. We broke it into 10 pictures. I sold the domestic rights to Lionsgate. Then we sold all the international territories. And then I started doing [a] little television production. So, I got four television shows…I also did with Fox—I created a book…’Playground,’ it was a bullying book. And I realized that the animated stars are bullies. Like Bart Simpson, Dennis The Menace, and those different things…I got the show picked up on Fox. So, I have an animated show coming there.”

Due to 50 Cent’s interactions with other artists, specifically Ja Rule, the rapper was asked how he was able to write a book on bullying when he’s considered a bully himself. According to 50, “Playground,” which was inspired by his son, and his upcoming television show on Fox will take a look at bullying from the bully’s perspective. He says the show will feature characters similar to Bart Simpson and Dennis The Menace and will focus on the bully acknowledging their mistakes.

“He was telling me a scenario one time about something that was going on in his school. And I found myself trying to explain it,” he said. “And things that we do as kids—We understand the difference between right and wrong as adults. So, while I’m explaining it to him I’m like ‘oh.’ This is when I acknowledged that I was actually the bully in the school at that point. So, I wrote it from a more responsible perspective. I want you to like the bully like you liked him in the past in those actual shows. Like Dennis The Menace and Bart Simpson, those other characters. And then have him acknowledge his mistakes.”

The rapper later detailed his relationship with Steve Stoute, who he recently confronted at a New York Knicks game following comments the music entrepreneur made during an interview with Hot 97. 50 Cent says his relationship with Stoute got off to a rough start early on in his music career.

“Steve he actually did my first deal,” 50 Cent said. “When I signed to Columbia Records he was actually managing the Trackmasters and kinda brokered the deal…After I got shot he called me to his office. I came. I met with him. And I was like ‘Yo, I got some things I want to play for you.’ And things that I wanted to play for him—I had already had hit records playing at the time…I’m like ‘Yo, let me play.’ ‘Oh no, no, no. I don’t have to hear it. I already know what you can do. I know what you can do.’ He just wanted confirmation of what he thought happened with the shooting and everything else. The street stuff. So, I’m explaining it to him and then I was never able to get him on the phone again following that. When I called back or whenever.

“And then when Em flew me to Los Angeles to actually do the deal. Voila, he shows up in the actual lobby at the Mondrian,” he added. “And he’s like ‘Look, I’m out of the music business. My last thing is I wanna help you with this and that.’ And I’m looking and the lawyer that I traveled out with he was looking and he was like ‘What? Who told him we was here?’ Like how does he even know like—Because it was set up through the record company…He wanted credit.”

In addition to his current work in film production, 50 Cent is also slated to appear in a handful of upcoming films including The Prince, a crime film starring Bruce Willis and John Cusack.

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