During a recent interview with Vlad TV, Chicago rapper and Coke Boys signee Lil Durk revealed that he’ll be featured on French Montana’s next studio album and the next Coke Boys mixtape. In addition to appearing on French’s album and the Coke Boys project, Lil Durk will soon release a mixtape of his own, titled Signed To The Streets 2.

When asked to reveal the name of the artist features on Signed To The Streets 2, the Windy City emcee didn’t name names, but did state that “damn near everybody” would be featured on the project. He also shed some light on the reason why he chose to release another mixtape instead of releasing a studio album.

“We got a feature from damn near everybody,” Lil Durk said. “See who would best fit the mixtape, Signed To The Streets. You know what I’m saying? Whoever don’t and we still like it [it’ll] probably make the album. And then we gon’ drop an album this year…An EP cool too, but I wanna feed the streets. An EP is just to see where you at album-wise. I’mma feed the streets what they want. I believe in myself to drop another mixtape and still get more publicity.”

The rapper spoke further on French Montana, who he says he’s recorded 10 solid songs with, as he commented on the Bronx emcee being a brotherly figure.

“He a real nigga too. He been teaching me a lot that he know. Everything he went through that went sour,” he said. “He tells me so I don’t go that way. I look at it like a big bro. Any advice I need he gives it to me. Anything he don’t know about, I’ll tell him. That’s how it go.”

Lastly, Lil Durk addressed his record “L’s Anthem” and offered his thoughts on loyalty. He says the “L” in “L’s Anthem” stands for loyalty, a trait he feels a lot of people are lacking.

“It’s like when you pop up with a hit,” he said, when asked about the positive reaction to “L’s Anthem.” “You just throw something out that people react to it. That’s a hit. You wouldn’t even expect it…My ‘L’ stand for loyal and shit. So, everybody [in] these streets who was turning up and shit called theyselves ‘hittas.’ So, I was like ‘Fuck it. You gotta stay loyal to them guys. You got to.’ So, that’s where that came from, man. Loyalty. So, if a mothafucka tell you different then they lying…Loyalty is being 100 with people and do what you do for ‘em. Just like I say, as being a team. You gotta be loyal to have a team…A lot of people ain’t loyal, bruh.”

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