Mixtapes started out on cassette tapes, graduated to CD and are now created and consumed in a variety of ways digitally. 

In order to aid in compiling mixtapes, Pepsi Pulse created “Pro-Tips: How To Make The Perfect Mixtape.” 

“Whatever format your mixtape comes in,” the article says, “it’s always an exciting challenge to craft the perfect collection of tracks to give to someone.”

One of the key components to mixtapes is knowing your audience, the article says. 

“Look, mom probably isn’t going to be interested in listening to Kool G Rap or your favorite new death metal band,” the Pepsi Pulse article says. “And maybe your 11-year-old cousin doesn’t quite understand the allure of D’Angelo’s smooth brand of R&B. So why force it? Know what your audience is into, and what they’re not. That way, you’ll be much better-equipped to deliver.” 

To view the entire “Pro-Tips: How To Make The Perfect Mixtape” article, visit Pepsi Pulse.

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