Top Dawg Entertainment emcee ScHoolboy Q was recently asked how touring would be different if his daughter was to travel with him while on tour. While speaking with RealDopeEnt, the Los Angeles rapper revealed that those around him would be checked a lot more and would have to be respectful around his four-year-old daughter.

“Niggas would be getting checked a whole lot more for being dirty and nasty, you know? Niggas would have to be real respectful [around her],” Q said.

The musician was later asked to compare the recording process for the newly-released Oxymoron and the creation process for his past albums. He recalled putting himself in “position to win” with his newest LP and being focused for two years in order to perfect Oxymoron.

“I was really zoned out by myself,” he said. “And just trying to take it to the next level or whatever…And try to boost yourself. You know what I mean? Put yourself in that position to win. So, this one was just more me really, really focusing in for two years. And getting the shit right.”

With records that touch on his past struggles and life experiences, Q later addressed the personal nature of his music. He says it would be nearly impossible for him to rap if he couldn’t incorporate his personal life into his music.

“That’s all I know how to do is put my life in my music,” ScHoolboy Q said. “I don’t know how to just rap. You know what I’m saying? So, you gon’ hear true stories about me and true shit in my music. What other niggas do? Hey, that’s on them. You know what I mean? They’ll be out here soon.”

Released on February 25, ScHoolboy Q’s Oxymoron album went on to sell 138,950 copies in its first week and is described by the rapper as being a project that touches on his ability to provide for his daughter and Crip history.

“I’ve never said this in an interview. This album is about me taking care of my daughter and Crip history from 1969 to present,” he said during an interview with Life + Times last year.

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