De La Soul has released its Smell the DA.I.S.Y. mixtape.

The 11-track mixtape features previously released De La Soul vocals over beats from J Dilla. 

The DA.I.S.Y. portion of the mixtape title stands for “Da Inner Soul of Yancy.”

James Yancey is J Dilla’s given name.

Earlier this month, De La Soul’s Trugoy said that the response the group got by giving away its entire catalog for free on Valentine’s Day has encouraged the trio to record and release new material. 

“It motivated us even more,” the rapper also known as Dove said. “We’re already in the process of recording two albums, but actually it made us feel like we really, really need to get this done. People are still fans, still really love the music and let’s do it for them.”

Smell the DA.I.S.Y. is available as a BitTorrent Bundle.

The Smell the DA.I.S.Y. art and tracklist are as follows:

1. “Let The King Ascend”
2. “Who” featuring Redman 
3. “Dilla Plugged In”
4. “Goes The Word”
5. “Vocabulary Spills”
6. “The Pitch”
7. “Taking The Train”
8. “Leave Your Cares Behind”
9. “O’Shut Up”
10. “No More No Less”
11. “Marvin Jaye”

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