The Black Lips’ guitarist Cole Alexander has several criticisms of Drake.

“I’m sure he has some struggles in his life like everyone does, but I just don’t like Drake,” Alexander says during an interview with A.V. Club. The interview is part of the “HateSong” series in which the site asks musicians and others to “expound on the one song they hate most in the world.” Alexander names Lorde’s “Royals” his “HateSong,” but says he was considering selecting DJ Khaled’s “No New Friends,” which features Drake.   

“He seems kind of fake to me,” Alexander continues of Drake. “I like my rappers more ghetto and ratchet-sounding. Personally, I like more melodramatic, ignorant Rap where they’re talking about violence and anger and it’s just evil. I don’t like when it’s too conscious, I don’t like it when it’s too smart. To me, it’s just like a gangster movie. In a gangster movie, you don’t want to see polite guys. You want to see them do horrible shit. It’s a movie. It’s entertainment, and, at the end of the day, music is entertainment. It might reflect what has happened, but a lot of times it’s an art form of telling stories.”

Alexander also says that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” is “confused.”

“There’s that one line where they’re like, ‘That’s a cold-ass honky,’” he says. “I really don’t like that line. First of all, it’s a racist word. I feel like white people, when someone says something racist against them, they’re not very offended. They’ve never had to deal with racism so it’s almost a kind of white guilt, or a subtle kind of action.

“My problem isn’t the fact that he says ‘honky,’ though,” he continues. “It’s that he puts ‘honky’ in a black person’s mouth [in the ’Thrift Shop’ video] and they actually say it instead of him. He put a racist term into a black person’s mouth and had it thrown back at him to satiate his white guilt.”

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