Roughly one week after the release of Compton rapper YG’s debut studio album, My Krazy Life, the West Coast emcee appeared on Hot 97 to discuss his newly-released LP, the albums he listened to while working on My Krazy Life, and a possible Tyga reference during his freestyle on the Funkmaster Flex show.

While expressing his distaste with some of today’s music, YG revealed that in his opinion it isn’t hard to create a classic album as long as you take your time and give an honest story.

“It’s easy to make a classic album. Yeah, it just take time,” YG said. “I feel like if you give a nigga stories and all that on your album and it’s really like—no matter if it blow. Like Jay Z first album’s a classic, but it didn’t sell a lot…If you giving stories and it’s realistic like people feel it. And like ‘He ain’t lying.’ That’s a classic.”

Prior to speaking on the characteristics that make a classic album, the My Krazy Life creator rattled down a list of classic albums he listened to for inspiration for his own project. Among the albums YG mentioned were 50 Cent’s Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ and Dr. Dre’s Chronic 2001.

“Yeah, I was listening to Doggystyle,” he said. “I was listening to Chronic 2001. I was listening to Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. And Ready To Die. You feel me? I was listening to that the whole time I was doing my album…I knew when it was time for that album shit I knew how to get into my little [mode]. So, I put in them albums, them classic albums.”

In regards to a possible shot at fellow Compton rappers Tyga and Problem during his Funkmaster Flex freestyle last week, YG says he didn’t name any names, but informed those who may have felt they were alluded to to “take it how you feel.”

“I mean, I don’t know. You gotta listen to the song, man…If somebody feel like I’m going to them, at them, take it how you feel,” the CTE World signee said. “I’m not saying no names or nothing. So, I don’t know…It’s no drama. If niggas feel like I’m dissing ‘em. You feel me? That’s how they feel. I ain’t say nobody’s name or nothing. You feel me?”

Lastly, YG discussed his relationship with CTE World founder Jeezy. He credited the Atlanta rapper for his transition into the East Coast and Southern markets.

“As far as the music, he let me do my thing. You feel me? Like he come in. He give me advice,” YG said. “But when I link up with him it was never a problem with the music…Just making the right moves and connecting with the right person. Cause I was on the West Coast. It was hard. It was hard for me on this side and the South. But then when I link up with Jeezy we start working. We did the mixtape, the ‘My Nigga’ record. Shit started clicking. And then he was at the label. Doing his stuff and going hard for me.”

After a handful of delays, YG’s My Krazy Life was released on March 18 via CTE World/Def Jam Recordings. The album includes appearances from a number of West Coast-based artists including Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, and Ty Dolla $ign.

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