Hieroglyphics and The Hundreds are uniting for a limited run of exclusive T-shirts in honor of The Hundreds San Francisco’s six-year anniversary. 

The shirts are scheduled to be available via The Hundreds San Francisco [THSF] and at ShopHiero.com on Thursday, March 20, when THSF is set to host an event in honor of the store’s anniversary. 

The T-shirts include a variety of designs related to the Hieroglyphics.

“From a Souls of Mischief lyric from the renowned album 93 ‘Til Infinity, to a spin on an OG Del Tha Funkee Homosapien tee that, according to urban Hip Hop folklore, is based on a napkin self-portrait Del drew,” The Hundreds says in a press release. “The Hundreds is thrilled to unite again with the Hiero crew in commemoration of THSF’s sixth-year running.” 

Below is The Hundreds’ description of each T-shirt in the collection. 

The Hundreds “Del Face” T-shirt features Del Tha Funkee Homosapien’s iconic self-portrait illustration on the front and a reappropriated The Hundreds X Hieroglyphics bomb logo at the top back. The shirt will be available in three colors.

The “Emcees” tee is emblazoned with the Souls of Mischief lyrics “Emcees Should Know Their Limitations” from their legendary 93 ‘Til Infinity album. The collaborative bomb logo will be at the top back with “Souls of Mischief” stamped under. The shirt will be available in three colors.

The “Overthrow” long sleeve features the The Hundreds X Hieroglyphics bomb graphic across the front and top back, with all the members of Hieroglyphics’ logos throughout the sleeves. The shirt will be available in three colors.

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