Vince Staples, who recently released his Shyne Coldchain II mixtape, says he doesn’t like rapping with others. 

“I don’t like rapping with people at all,” Vince Staples says in an interview with XXL. “I don’t care who you are. I don’t like rapping with Earl. I tell him all the time—I don’t like rapping with you. I hate rapping with Mac. Ab-Soul is the worst nigga to rap with. He will make you rap all day, ’cause he don’t stop. Period. He don’t ever stop. At any time of the day, he knocks shit out. We be at Mac Miller’s studio and motherfuckers be in there. He raps all day and if he didn’t, he just gonna look at you and he’ll sit by you and just tap you like, ‘What’s up?’ I’ll be just like, ‘That’s all I can let go.’ That’s pressure. Not even pressure in a bad way—’Aw, I ain’t got verses.’ I don’t really do that all day. Every single person you see me working with really, really love that shit. So I can’t work with people that’s doing it for the wrong reasons. I don’t want to be around them and shit. I like being around people like that, because that’s something I really didn’t have when I was first started making music. That’s what I really appreciate the most.” 

Staples says he understands some listeners may not understand when he says he doesn’t “really work with nobody” in music because he’s released many collaborations with several artists, including a mixtape with Mac Miller, Stolen Youth

“All them projects come from, ‘Why don’t you make more music? We should make some music. Come on,'” Staples says. “And then we make a fucking mixtape in three days. And everybody’s like, ‘It’s crazy how you can do that that fast,’ and shit like that. It’s really just, I don’t be on it like that. It’s easier to pump out [songs] when you are not doing it every single day and living and breathing it.” 

Vince Staples may not like working with many rappers today, however, that isn’t new. He also says he didn’t look up to any rappers while growing up. In the interview, Staples is asked if he looked up to Snoop Dogg.  

“Never,” Staples says. “‘Cause Snoop was Snoop Dogg. I wasn’t trying to be no rapper when I was a little kid, or even up until recently. I wasn’t trying to be a rapper while I was rapping until I had to really put my mind in that frame. Before that, I didn’t really have no rapper heroes or anything like that.” 

Staples says he also did not know that he had a potential profession in Rap until last year. Now, he raps because he says he has to take care of his family and he understands that he has “an opportunity to do something that would matter to a certain demographic of people that I know nobody cares about.” He says “it would be stupid to waste that opportunity.”

Vince Staples’ Shyne Coldchain II earned a 4 out of 5 in HipHopDX’s review of the project. “Vince Staples is a pleasant anomaly to a Rap game often watered down by acts seeking attention for everything except quality music,” HipHopDX says of the mixtape in its review. “Full of slappers from relevant producer turned Def Jam higher up No I.D., Shyne Coldchain 2 serves as an appetizer prepping for an anticipated retail album from Staples on the powerhouse label. With the machine behind him, he tells the all too familiar tale of determination to get out of the hood instead of surviving in it. Despite his limited perspective, it manages to excite due to a varying degree of tempos along with a lack of artistic sacrifice. Since making peace with his troubled days, Vince Staples has figured out his path and leapfrogged the pack, this release sure to accelerate his steadily rising status.”

The project is available as a stream via HipHopDX.

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