According to Los Angeles rapper Bizzle, it’s been close to six years since he chose to become saved. And during an exclusive interview with Vlad TV, the Christian rap artist shared the story of what led him to ditch his former pimp lifestyle.

Before revealing the reason as to why he gave up his life as a pimp, Bizzle touched on his religious beliefs prior to becoming saved. He says he did believe in God, but at the time did not choose to “walk accordingly.”

“I been saved since 2008,” Bizzle said. “Grew up sort of with a belief in God, but I didn’t walk accordingly. And as The Bible says, ‘Even the demons believe and tremble.’ You know what I’m saying? So, I think that’s where I was. Like I believed, but it didn’t stop me from doing me and being my own [guy]. So, in 2008, man, just went through a series of hardships, life changes. And man, the Lord broke me down and I just got tired of running my life into the ground and figured I’d give him a chance to drive.”

Bizzle later detailed the moment he chose to become saved. The West Coast musician partially credited his decision on a woman he worked with whose father happened to be a pastor. In addition to finding himself in church, Bizzle says he also became concerned over the numbness he felt as a pimp.

“Last straw was…I fell into this prostitution—I guess you could call me a pimp,” he said. “That word still turns my stomach. When it’s used to describe me. But, man, I met this chick. It was like mad fast. We started getting money together. I was like probably the brokest I had ever been. Sleeping on somebody’s floor. I was living out of my car. So, when the money came it was like ‘yo.’ Within two days I went from having nothing to have like 1,300 in my wallet…It wasn’t hard for me to really do or justify because that had been kinda what was pushing the label from the beginning. It was just the homies doing it and not me. Long story short, the girl ends up being the daughter of a pastor. So, I end up sitting in the church, her family’s church. And it’s just—It was just a crazy turning of events. But it got to a point where I started getting numb to what I was doing. And that’s the part that I think scared me the most is I could just do evil and not feel anything about it.”

Also known as The Christian Rapper, Bizzle has released a handful of mixtapes and albums since being saved in 2008. Among the rapper’s most recent projects is The Good Fight, which features production from Boi-1da and was released in 2013.

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