San Diego, California native Snow Tha Product is currently in the midst of her “F#*k Your Plans, Come Kick It Tour” and during one of the stops she caught up with the media to catch up.  

Recently speaking with The NEHip-Hop, Snow talked about the artistic freedom she has since signing with Atlantic Records two years ago.

“I guess in a sense they tell artists whatever but not really me because I think me, they’re very aware I’m in a very different situation,” she said when asked about artistic freedom. “Like I said with all the indie support I have, if you look at my social media stuff. It’s popping for a reason because people really fuck with me and my personality and not so much what a label does for me. I feel like with the freedom I can do whatever I want because if they were to say anything I’d be like, ‘What? Why?'”

When asked about her major label debut project, Snow Tha Product says she’s working on an EP and while she has freedom with what she wants to create, Atlantic wants her to focus on putting out a product.

“I’m working on my debut right now and because I do so much of a different type of music, they’re like, ‘Ok, we feel you but you’ve got to decide what you want to do with this one,’ she said. “I want my EP to be really special and I don’t want it to be oppressed by what I’m doing because I actually care so I think it’s going to be really good.”

Snow also talked about not signing with Tech N9ne as he called her about signing to Strange Music just a day after she inked a deal with Atlantic Records.

“Tech is so dope and that’s no pun intended,” she said when asked about her relationship with Tech N9ne after signing to another label. “He really is because, that’s not even a lie that he called me a day after I got signed. It’s so crazy that he’s calling me [about signing to his label] and I signed. You should have called me yesterday. It’s really cool, it’s genuine, it’s always an honor. It’s always surprising, like really, he’s doing an interview with these people and he’s talking about me like that’s crazy.”

Snow Tha Product signed to Atlantic Records back in February, 2012. Since then she hasn’t released a studio album via the label.

Watch the full interview with Snow Tha Product below:

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