In 1997, Lil’ Kim, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, Missy Elliott, Da Brat and Angie Martinez teamed up on “Not Tonight (Ladies Night Rmx),” a selection Da Brat recently spoke about during an interview with Billboard

“The whole experience was amazing,” Da Brat said regarding her work on the track. “It was like a big-ass cookout with everybody there eating, drinking and having fun. Lance Rivera put that together, with the support of all our labels. I still watch it and say, ‘Wow I wish we can do this again,’ but in a bigger way. I don’t want to do it again and it look like a bootleg of ‘Ladies Night.’ I want us to all be on the top of our game like we were back then and make a part two but have it be bigger and better. I want us female[s] to unite and do something that would knock the world off its feet.”

Da Brat Recalls Mariah Carey’s Unhappiness During Tommy Motola Marriage

Da Brat also speaks about her bond with another woman in the entertainment business, Mariah Carey. 

“I first met her when working on the remix to ‘Always Be My Baby,’” Da Brat says. “I felt like she was just like me, but she had to keep it shielded. She wanted to do the things I did and talk the way I talked. She was signed to Sony and had this reputation to uphold of being a diva. That’s why we jelled. She was living through me and we became the best of friends. We’re both Aries and both like to have fun that’s why we say we’re ‘eternally 12,’ ’cause we’re kids.

“She was so down to earth, but her circumstances didn’t allow her to do things,” Da Brat continues. “We’d be in the studio at Tommy Mottola’s house and she’d whisper because cameras were everywhere. It’s like she was trapped. I had never seen someone have everything, but be so unhappy inside because they couldn’t be themselves.”

Da Brat is is the sixth rapper featured in an edition of Billboard’s Ladies First. Yo YoMC Lyte, Angel Haze and Charli Baltimore have also been included in the series. 

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