Speaking on one of the year’s biggest battles to date, battle rap emcee Math Hoffa recently sat down with VladTV to describe his thoughts on the recent match-up between Hollow Da Don and Loaded Lux within the UW Battle League.

Hoffa said Hollow Da Don’s rebuttals earned him the victory. “According to my ‘B.A.R.C.O.D.E.,’ you gotta give’em the big points for that type of shit,” the Brooklyn battler said. “I think that his second and third round was incredible. Taking nothing away from Lux, Lux is a master at what he does, and to be that put together, that structured, takes a different type of thinking. I’ve been telling niggas for years, he’s autistic but they don’t listen to me. Nigga is autistic. No, but he’s got some real Bobby Fisher shit going on and I respect it. But, I feel like some of the angles he took was kind of predictable and I wanted to hear a rebuttal from him, show that side, show that it wasn’t all script [and] that he could be spontaneous.”

Hoffa said that despite Loaded Lux’s scripted performance, his appearance made for an entertaining show. “I felt like Hollow gave’em everything,” he said. “I think Lux, he gave them a show. He definitely gave them a show that was worthy of it being the biggest battle of the year.”

Math went on to paraphrase a portion of Hollow Da Don’s second round as a reference to his win. “The second round: ‘just ‘cause you don’t understand him don’t mean he’s not nice,'” he says. “Aw man, that would have been my angle the whole fucking battle. I respected that.”

Math Hoffa Critiques Hollow Da Don’s Lean Comments

During the High Stakes battle, Loaded Lux also referenced Hollow Da Don’s alleged use of Promethazine—commonly referred to as ‘lean’—in order to bring his character into question.

“And the whole lean thing,” Math Hoffa said, “c’mon. You was in the video with Fat Trel, and you was sippin’ lean, my nigga. Why did you turn around and be like, ‘Yo Fat Trel, stand up niggas don’t lean.’ Like, why’d you do that? It was a little hypocritical. If you’re going for facts—all the Loaded Lux fans, they’re like, ‘But my nigga, the real thing about it, the facts are…’ Okay, that’s a fact, he did a video for nigga [while] sippin’ lean. Why is he going so hard right now? It was little angles. Hollow had a lot of counter angles.”

In the same interview, Hoffa later praised Lux’s style of delivery while knocking possible fictions in his raps. “I think that Lux is excellent with the preaching that he does, but I don’t think that it’s all the way realistic,” he said.

The Loaded Lux video featuring Fat Trel is available for streaming below.

Hoffa also addressed Hollow Da Don’s own tactic of bringing out a man believed to be the father of battle rapper Calicoe during the event. In a previous battle against Calicoe, Lux himself demeaned his opponent over his allegedly distance relationship with his father.

“To disbar somebody as, ‘Yo, he’s a wack father,’ you know it’s an angle in the battle, but people took it as a such a spiritual thing that it was like, ‘C’mon, if you’re gonna take it like that, you need to reeducate yourself on what’s really going on in America,’” Hoffa said. “So, when he took that third round angle, he brought Black face out, it was a proud moment. You kind of scarred that man in your last battle and for Hollow to bring him out, it was like ‘That’s crazy. Oh shit.’ And to break that whole thing down, I feel like it shattered Lux’s whole approach. It showed that there’s a hole in it.”

Last month, co-owner of the UW Battle League, D Rock, spoke exclusively with HipHopDX about utilizing a paid model for viewing of the High Stakes event. 

“As a company, we’re striving to push the envelope, to encourage innovation and to expand the culture of Battle Rap,” D Rock said. “The ‘High Stakes’ event gave UW Battle League the opportunity to accomplish all three goals. Our pay-per-view business model is a breakthrough opportunity which may come as a shock to many at first, given that its something different, but in the long run, it will only help advance the sport of Battle Rap.”

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