After releasing a four-song EP in late 2013, Lox are now readying a full-length album. Speaking with Jenny Boom Boom and DJ Craig G on 93.7’s Hot Afternoon Show, Lox member and A Gangster and a Gentleman emcee Styles P talked about the recording process and plans for solo releases.

While P remained mostly hush on the specifics of the upcoming group album, he confirmed that all three members are frequently in the studio together. “We’re working on it,” he said. “We gave ya’ll the EP to let you know it’s real. So everyday we just in the lab, we got a lot of joints, we got a lot joints done.” P added that despite a hiatus in collective music, the group members have long shared studio space while working on their solo endeavors. “We see each other every day,” he said. “We’re always in the studio together we’re just working on the Lox album. We was never not in the studio together. D-Block Studios is like our home, that’s like the hangout, the home, we just happen to be making L-O-X music.”

Styles also said that the group has recorded several tracks to Swizz Beatz production before referencing plans to release music individually. “We got a bunch of Swizz joints,” he said. “We got a bunch of joints on there. We don’t have a set date ‘cause we’re just working. Everybody’s working on solo projects too. Myself, Kiss, Sheek, we’re working on solo projects and we’re working on the Lox joint.”

During the interview, Styles also described waiting to release a new Lox album as a function of previous contractual obligations. “As far as the Lox though, it didn’t make sense for us to do The Lox project for a long time,” he said. “Like, we would of did the project and wouldn’t have benefited at all. Contract wise, just how the contract was set up, it just wouldn’t have been wise for us to do it.” Styles also described the group’s current situation as “copacetic.”

Styles P Talks 50 Cent Collaboration And Describes Writing A Book

Speaking to a recent image of 50 Cent and Lox members in the studio together, P detailed the motivation behind working with local artists in general. “Yeah he was in the studio,” he said. “I think in general, all East Coast Hip Hop–the veterans in it, the elders, and even the young people–I think they understand [that] we owe the Tri-State. The Tri-State fans are owed authentic music. They’re owed for artists to get together and make authentic music. Sometimes you’ve gotta think bigger than just being an artist, you gotta think of the culture and for the sake of Hip Hop. For the sake of Hip Hop there’s a lot of combinations that need to be done, especially as far as East Coast music. I think it’s just coming back around and happening.” The image, which can be seen below, was posted on 50 Cent’s Instagram account with the caption “Animal Ambition on the way.”


The rapper later said that 50 Cent has plans to release the collaboration on one of his upcoming projects. “That was Kiss and 50 chopping it up and he just came to the studio and was kicking it,” he said before adding that the music would be “coming out on his tape.” “Expect to see us with a few collabs from a few people,” P said.

While on the show, Styles P detailed plans to complete a book following the release of his upcoming music. “I’m halfway through one part [of the book] and then I have a quarter of another thing so I’m trying to mesh and mend,” he said. “But I really want to be done with the music so I can kind of sit down and just focus all on the book, I don’t want to take away from it right now ‘cause the LOX is a pretty big deal, an event, so we have to hone in and focus everything on that.

The Lox are scheduled to embark on an international tour in support of their latest EP, The Trinity. this Friday (February 28). 

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