Isaiah Rashad has released one of the year’s most acclaimed EPs with his Cilvia Demo release. It was the first project Rashad dropped since joining TDE, a change that he has been learning to adjust to, he says. 

During a recent interview with XXL, Rashad spoke about the biggest change that he’s experienced since joining the imprint in September. 

“Learning to shut up,” Rashad says, “learning how to be quiet, learning how to play the background and be the lil homie. I’m used to being the big homie with my friends, but I’m only 22 and these guys are hella older than me, so if anything it’s probably the best thing that could happen to me, being around some people who have been around forever, to just chill out, pick up stuff and pay attention.” 

Cilvia Demo earned Rashad a 4 out of 5 X rating on HipHopDX in its review. “One BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher rhyme is all it took to catapult Chattanooga, Tennessee native Isaiah Rashad into the mainstream consciousness,” HipHopDX said at the time. “Ultimately though, it was not a case of what he said, but who he said it with—appearing alongside the rising in Rap prominence, Top Dawg Entertainment crew—that mattered. However, it’s in recalling the moments that made us initially love another rapper (with a government name similar to Rashad’s) once known by two names—Common Sense—that makes his 14-track debut Cilvia Demo a hopeful sign for more intriguing and insightful material to come.”

In January, Rashad spoke about writing Cilvia Demo. “In my project Cilvia I just wanna take you on a ride,” Rashad said at the time. “Imagine like getting off work at like six o’clock, 6 PM. And like you don’t go home. You with your homies. And you get home at 6 AM. That’s what my project is. And I don’t wanna give you like a sum up of my whole life, but I can give you like the past two, three years. I can sum it up in 10 tracks. 10 cool ass tracks and that’s what I’mma give niggas.”

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