Although talk of a reunion between members of The Diplomats has surfaced over the past few months, according to Harlem rapper Vado, Dipset emcee Cam’ron is still somewhat traumatized following his fallout with fellow Dipset artist Juelz Santana.

Vado discussed his relationship with Cam’ron, which he says wasn’t as strong due to Cam’s situation with Juelz, during an interview with Hot 97 personalities Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds. Despite his belief that the Harlem wordsmith is still traumatized, Vado says Cam’ron is still “in a good space.”

“It’s good, man,” said Vado when asked about the status of his relationship with Cam. “You know, a lot of people out here thinking it’s something else. I spoke to him on his birthday…Yeah, he’s in a good space. Cam is a great dude. You know what I’m saying? He put me on. I could never come at him no matter what he’ll say. If I got something bad to say about him, I just keep it to myself. He put me on…I guess his situation with Juelz, all the in and outs, the ups and downs. He wasn’t getting too tight with me.

“Because it’s like, ‘I been through this. I’m not trying to go through that no more,’” he added. “He’s still kinda traumatized off that. Like he don’t—me and him [will] be tight and then he’ll fall back because he don’t want nothing…I caught the aftermath of him and his team, so a lot of things he was doing differently with me.”

As a Cash Money Records/We The Best signee, Vado has worked extensively with DJ Khaled, an artist he commended for his work ethic.

“One thing with Khaled I appreciate, he focused,” the DXNext alum said. “You know what I’m saying? And he don’t slack. He don’t let me slack. You know? He focused. Like he’ll call me a million times a day just to get one thing done. Like that’s how much he on it. And then if I take too long he like, ‘V, I’m catching bad vibes V. Like what’s up, man? You know I don’t like to move like this.’”

Vado’s interview with Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds comes days after the rapper released his Sinatra mixtape. According to the rapper, Sinatra will be followed by the release of a studio album he says will be a “classic.”

“We working on the end of the year, so hopefully it’ll be out before then,” he said. “But you know it’s gonna be a classic, man. Cause you already know how I’m coming.”

At the start of his career, Vado was signed to the Cam’ron and Jim Jones-founded Diplomat Records. He eventually left the label, a move he revealed was made on good terms, and signed to DJ Khaled’s We The Best imprint.

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