B Real has been named High Times’ “Stoner Of The Year 2014.”  

“To see the culture evolve from what it was 20, 23 years ago to where it is now, it’s been constant growth, progress, knowledge, education,” B Real says in a video of the ceremony. “And, the product has been much better.”

As a member of Cypress Hill, B Real in the early 1990s helped popularize the discussion of marijuana use in Rap. The group’s self-titled 1991 debut album, for instance, featured the songs “Light Another,” “Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk” and “Something For The Blunted.”

Partially due to its affinity for marijuana, Cypress Hill became the first Rap group featured on the cover of High Times Magazine. 

“They took a chance and put a Hip Hop group on their cover,” B Real says at the “Stoner Of The Year 2014” award ceremony. “We showed people how to roll blunts and it spread from there. We’ve done a lot of work together [throughout] the years. This means a lot.”

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa have also won “Stoner Of The Year.”

In November, B Real discussed his work with Xzibit and Demrick as a member of the group Serial Killers

“We’re trying to create a different movement,” B Real said during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX at the time. “X has had his success on his own, I’ve had my success through Cypress Hill and De’s coming up. He’s been coming up, and we’re working on a lot of things with Demrick. So we know we have our individual histories, but we didn’t want any of that to play into effect on this Serial Killers project. It’s something totally new and organic.”

The video of B Real accepting the “Stoner Of The Year 2014” award is as follows.

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