According to a report by TMZ, Game was pulled over in Los Angeles due to the rapper’s talking on the cellphone while driving.

TMZ’s article, which includes paraphrased comments from both the rapper and police sources, reports that the traffic stop took place on Friday (February 7) and resulted in police officers searching The Documentary emcee’s Rolls Royce. According to Game, as per TMZ, police officers directed him to let them search the vehicle or face a possible arrest. Police officers apparently did not find anything illegal but proceeded to impound the vehicle citing expired registration tags. TMZ’s article also reports that “sources insist [the stop] had nothing to do with race” while confirming, according to the same police sources, that the rapper was illegally using his cell phone while operating the vehicle.

Game took to Twitter to vaguely describe the incident earlier today (February 9) and report that the impounded car has been returned.

On the day of the incident, Game uploaded an image to his Instagram account of the police pulling him over. The post’s caption includes the hashtags “FuckThePolice” and “CellPhoneTicket.” “Haters,” the rapper wrote on Friday. “#FuckThePolice #BloodMoney #RollsRoyce#DoubleRR #CellPhoneTicket #BitchImInstagramming#BeatIt.”

Friday’s incident isn’t the first time Game has uploaded images of his being pulled over to Instagram. Near the end of 2013, the rapper posted an image of a traffic stop while touring in Sydney, Australia. “Got pulled over for speeding in Sydney, Australia…….,” he wrote. “Well at least I thought…. Then cop got out the car & walked up on the driver side of the Lambo & said ‘Hey Game… What you did on behalf of Tiana Ricks was amazing mate.’”

Game has endured extensive legal troubles throughout his career. In 2007, the rapper was arrested stemming from suspicions of criminal threats. Later, in 2011, Game Tweeted a telephone number falsely connected with an opportunity to intern as a part of the artist’s promotional team. The Tweet instead referenced the emergency telephone line of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department which caused the emergency line to overflow in unrelated calls. Despite initially describing the Tweet as a mistake, the rapper later publicly apologized on CNN.

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