What does it take to get Nas smiling, dancing and playing the air guitar in a video? Just get his father in it with him. Nasty Nas’ second single from upcoming double album “Streets Disciple” is a collaboration with his father Olu Dara.

“It’s a wonderful situation,” Jazz musician Olu Dara told MTV on the set of “Bridging the Gap” in New York. “We’ve been working together since his birth. It’s just another way of working with him.” The song isn’t your average hip-hop track either. “We took the music to the old Muddy Waters type of feeling from Mississippi – that’s where I’m from – and bridged that gap,” Olu explained. “It’s the hip-hop beat mixed with that Muddy Waters/Mississippi groove. This song is for all generations, from the little ones to the very old. This song is gonna merge all the musical minds and thoughts. It shows you that everything is just a different degree of the same thing.”

This is not the first time the father and son have worked together. Dara first played the trumpet on “Life’s A Bitch” from “Illmatic,” and then again on “Dance” from “God’s Son.” He also scored “Belly,” the movie that Nas co-wrote and starred in. “Streets Disciple” is due out November 30th.