When asked to share his favorite Kanye West lyric during an interview with Montreality, Virginia rapper Pusha T instead offered the name of his favorite record from Ye. According to Pusha, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” is one of the G.O.O.D. Music helmsman’s greatest songs and within that song his favorite lyrics from Kanye can be found.

“My favorite record from Kanye is ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing.’ So, you just pick anything in there and that’ll be it. That’s like one of the greatest songs to me,” Pusha T said.

The Clipse emcee also offered a few details in regards to his next project, King Push, an album he says is in its beginning stages. He’s worked with producers Pharrell and Chad of the Neptunes thus far and says he’s open to working with other producers as well.

“It’s in the beginning stages. I been in with Pharrell and Chad,” he said. “And people been seeing me—I was in Miami for a little while, so any producer that was down there I’mma try to link up with in between time with The Neptunes. Just see what everybody got, but it’s in the beginning stages. And I think everybody’s gonna be really happy with this album. I’m really taking my time with it. So, that’s the plan, but I’m not forcing any of this music. It has to live up to the title King Push.”

As with many artists, Pusha was asked to give his thoughts on last month’s Grammy Awards and the controversy surrounding Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ four Grammy wins, which included Best Rap Album and Best New Artist.

In regards to the awards, Pusha says Kendrick had the better album with good kid, m.A.A.d city, but also credited Macklemore for having one of the best grinds in music.

“I look at Kendrick. You know, I look at Jay Z. I look at the nominees. It was a wide spectrum,” the Virginia rapster said. “Macklemore, he won as well. People are sort of in an uproar about it. And I just think that’s a personal opinion thing. I think Kendrick had the best album to fall within that timeframe, but it’s cool. Macklemore won and I think Macklemore had one of the best grinds I think I’ve ever seen in music, so it’s whatever. You can respect it from either way.”

Lastly, Pusha recalled performing at what he felt was an “amazing show” in London only to fall victim to an attempted robbery moments after their performance.

“Great show, man. Like amazing show. Felt the city loved us so much, the city of London. And we got outside and they tried to rob us for our jewelry,” he said. “And we just got into like the biggest brawl. It was good though. It was like really good.”

Although Pusha T is currently at work on his next solo album, the rapper recently shot down rumors of a new Clipse album during an interview with DJ Heat in January.

“I never leaked anything about the Clipse,” he said. “I didn’t do that. All I did was tell everybody I was in the studio for 20 days with Pharrell and Chad. And then there was a leak that happened and other people just found out that other people were down…So, right now I’m on my Pusha T right now. I don’t wanna mislead nobody, but we just working.”

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