Krazy Drayz has released his Faith mixtape. The third solo project from the Das EFX member features 22 tracks.

Faith opens with “Allow Me,” which features a sample of Jay Z, while “Reach 4 The Top” features a Sade sample. 

“My Moment” features a speech from two-time Super Bowl champion and ESPN analyst Ray Lewis.

Krazy Drayz’s Faith can be downloaded at

The Faith cover art, tracklist and stream are as follows:

1. “Allow Me”

2. “My Moment”

3. “These Roads”

4. “On Chrome”

5. “Reach 4 The Top”

6. “Luv Luv”

7. “City Of Dreams”

8. “Believe”

9. “MothaF@#kin Dreamers”

10. “eYe ToLd U”

11. “Hate”

12. “Never Give Up”

13. “Our Moment”

14. “Skyscraper”

15. “Dream Big”

16. “Timeless”

17. “Supa Dupa”

18. “Monster”

19. “HiP HoP DiScO”

20. “New Shit”

21. “Thru The Dark”

22. “Remember My Name”

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