Raz Simone, the first signee to Lyor Cohen, Todd Moscowitz, and Kevin Liles‘ company, 300, recently addressed his appreciation and respect for his mother, who he says was raped by his father. His mother’s suffering from sexual abuse was explored on Simone’s “These Kids Throw Rocks” selection. “My momma found truth in her stomach amongst some of the lies,” Simone raps on the track. “Getting raped by a close friend could fuck up your life.”

Simone explained the line when asked about the “Kids Throw Rocks” lyrics during a recent interview with MTV.

“That was my dad and my mom,” Simone says. “My mom was a virgin. So that’s what happened. They were friends for a little bit and then, you know, that was that.”

Although Raz Simone did not grow up having his father around, he says his mother’s honesty helped him avoid some of the pain associated with the absence of his dad. 

“Luckily it didn’t never hurt me,” Simone says. “Just going back and thinking about that, it hurts just thinking about my mom. But growing up not having a dad — or not having him around or even knowing the story, didn’t hurt me. It was something that I understood. I appreciated that my mom was so open with me since I was like two, three. She told it to me straight since I remember.”

Simone also remembers to remain positive because of his mother, he says. 

“Everything, it was cool, because my mom didn’t have any anger behind it and I think that’s really where it was at and I didn’t feel like I needed him around, so I wasn’t one of those kids sitting there every Father’s Day like, ‘Where’s my dad?'” Simone said. “It’s a harder plight for someone who had a dad and losses them when they’re like 12. It was fine. It was cool and I had already forgiven him because my mom had forgiven him, so it was cool.”

Simone is the first signee to 300. Liles recently expressed how the company hopes to attract its employees. 

“We want entrepreneurial people, industry veterans that are loving the opportunity of the change to the here and now,” Liles said in an interview with Billboard. “We also want people from outside the industry, chief content officers, chief consumer officers.”

The music video for “These Kids Throw Rocks” and Raz Simone’s MTV interview can be found below. 

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