During a recent interview, Nas was asked about the state of Hip Hop and the amount of White emcees in Rap. Nas spoke about rappers he respects and how he feels regarding the genre’s evolution. 

“It’s going where it’s supposed to be going in 2014,” Nas said regarding Hip Hop in an interview with Bossip. “It’s going in a great direction.” 

Part of that direction has been guided by a crop of rappers who have recently entered the game. During the interview, Nas also praised several emcees who have entered the industry in recent years when asked about which contemporary rappers he enjoys listening to. 

“Mac Miller is my man,” Nas said at one point. “Drizzy [Drake], Kendrick [Lamar], J. Cole. It’s a couple good fellas out there that I’m feeling.”

Many of the rappers Nas mentioned in this interview have also given him praise for his work. J. Cole, for instance, recently made a speech about Nas’ lyrics and his influence. 

“As a rapper, there’s very few greats that I study and I still continue to study and Nas is obviously one of them,” J. Cole said in his Vibe Impact speech. “I really had his lyrics printed on my wall… I would print these joints out and I would hang them up on my wall and if you’d walk in my room [you’d be like], ‘What is wrong with this kid?’ I’d just be there standing and reading the lyrics. I really wanted to know what it was like to be that good. I was rapping at the time and it was my goal to be that good.” 

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