Action Bronson’s past as a chef has helped him in Hip Hop, according to the Queens, New York emcee. The rapper recently spoke about this in an interview with The Columbus Dispatchwhere Bronson discusses his mother’s helping hand in his career, along with his culinary work experience.

“It sounds weird, but it’s very, very similar,” Bronson says regarding the connection between being a chef and being a rapper. “You have to be creative, think quickly on your feet, work well under pressure — boom, boom, boom. All of those things come into play.”

That career shift would not have been possible had it not been for Bronson’s mother, the emcee says.

“She gave me the money to make my first mixtape,” Action says. “She did everything for me. She’s the best woman.”

Despite her role in his start, the rapper’s mother only recently witnessed one of live performances. 

“It was amazing,” Action says of having her at a show. “She’s lived with me for 30…years. I’m her only boy. Just having her there felt 100 percent.” 

After making the transition from cooking to rapping, Action Bronson was also asked about other rappers who have made cookbooks, namely 2 Chainz who released #MEALTIME in 2013 and Coolio who released Cookin’ With Coolio in 2009. 

“For God’s sake,” Bronson says when the question is posed. “Who’s done a cookbook that’s worth it? Nobody. I’m going to be putting out a cookbook, of course — some real [expletive]. I don’t have a signature dish. I do everything. Everything’s done with masterful skill.” 

Photography By: ignoble_crook

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