New York rapper R.A. The Rugged Man took some time to speak on white artists in Hip Hop during an interview with Vlad TV, sharing his thoughts on Mac Miller, Apathy and a handful of other artists. When asked to offer his list of top white rappers, R.A. revealed that he’s not a fan of creating lists of white rappers when Hip Hop consists of artists from a number of other backgrounds.

“Well, the top white rapper list, I don’t like doing lists of white rappers, white emcees,” he said during the interview. “I’d rather speak about emcees. In fact, it’s funny sometimes when I get like—people tweet to me like ‘Oh, my favorite rappers of all time are Apathy, Vinny Pazzo, R.A. The Rugged Man.’ It’s like a list of white boys. It’s like, ‘Didn’t you ever hear of like [emceeing as] black rappers in the world?’ Maybe they’ll squeeze in Immortal Technique in there. It’ll be more Peruvian. Your list of white boy rappers and a Peruvian. It’s like there’s a lot of emcees in history. So, I don’t really like doing the white emcee lists.”

Although R.A. didn’t rattle down a list of his choices for a top white rappers list, he did offer some commentary on the likes of Mac Miller, Yelawolf and Rittz. The Legends Never Die rapper gave props to Miller despite the Pittsburgh rapper not being a part of his “genre of Hip Hop.”

R.A. later credited both Rittz and Yelawolf for being good guys before informing listeners that there are a lot of good white rappers out.

“I got Brother Ali on my new album,” R.A. The Rugged Man said. “Brother Ali massacres tracks. Vinny Pazzo, done many songs with Vinny Paz. And Apathy produced my song on Legends Never Die, ‘People’s Champ.’ And I’m a fan of quite a few white rappers. Self Titled’s half Cuban, but he’s very white-skinned. And half white emcee too…My niece loves Mac Miller. My niece loves him. So, he’s not exactly my genre of Hip Hop, but he’s doing what he does and the little girls fuck with him. And my niece loves the kid…The Yelawolf kid, too. Yelawolf is a very respectful, very nice kid. Yelawolf even more so than Mac Miller. Yelawolf is a respectful, good guy. And my man Rittz, too, on Strange Music. He’s another good guy. There’s a lot of good white folks—white rappers out there.”

While speaking on Sway In The Morning last year, R.A. again offered his opinion on today’s musicians including crooner Justin Timberlake, an artist he says isn’t the epitome of R&B.

“On the flipside of that, I can name a lot of folks who can out sing circles around Justin Timberlake,” he said. “But, he’s a good looking kid. He’s got a nice smile. Girls like him. And he can dance a little bit and he’s a white boy…We know that that’s not the epitome of talent, of R&B and soul.”

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