Battle Rapper DNA has lofty aspirations for 2014. In a recent interview on Vlad TV, DNA explained that, while he isn’t necessarily impressed with his competition, he does want the hardware.

“King of the Dot ain’t really got no battlers I want to battle,” he said. “I just want the King of the Dot chain. In 2014, that needs to be on my neck. Need that chain. I need to get that Don’t Flop one, too. Pat Stay and Tony D, I’m getting both of those. I need to be the undisputed champion overseas. Yessir.”

Still, DNA couldn’t provide details on which events he would be attending. “The next King of the Dot event, we can’t say nothing. I might be there. But after that, I need that shot. That chain needs to [be on me]. Don’t Flop, [that chain needs to be on me]. DNA AKA 2 Chainz. Need them two chains.”

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DNA also spoke about whether ghostwriting has a presence in Battle Rap. “Not from what I’ve seen,” he said. “I mean, from what I’ve seen, it’s niggas, ‘Yo, I’ma spit this rhyme for you,’ and the nigga be like, ‘Yo, take that out. That line is not good.’ Or, I’ve seen a nigga say, ‘Yo, you should say it like this.’ But actually see somebody sit and go, ‘Yo, this your first round. This your first eight bars, this your intro.’ Yo, that’s crazy. What are you battling for?

“Now, niggas gettin’ help?” he continued. “I don’t care what nobody says. Everybody in Battle Rap gets suggestions and takes advice. If you spit your rap for your man and he says, ‘I don’t like that shit; take that shit out,’ you’re gonna switch it. That’s understandable.”

Watch the interview below:

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