King L says that his appearance on “Send It Up,” a song from Kanye West’s 2013 album, Yeezus, has had little impact on his career.

“It didn’t really affect my career,” King L says during an interview with “I still gotta work hard, or whatever. It’s like having something on your resume. It’s good, but it ain’t no super turn up. People didn’t start blowing my phone up like, ‘Ah, you’re on a song with Kanye.’ It’s just a good opportunity for confidence, for the craft, and motivation. It ain’t turned up like that. It got me a Grammy nomination. That’s dope. Once I win a Grammy then I think that’ll turn me up. ‘Cause it really wasn’t a co-sign, it was like working with ‘Ye. Once I win the Grammy then that’ll turn me up, but until then I’m still grinding and striving to get to the top.”

Kanye West has two Grammy nominations for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, nods for Best Rap Album (Yeezus) and Best Rap Song (“New Slaves”). 

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards are scheduled to be held January 26 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Signed to Epic Records, King L also says that he’s recording material. 

“I’m in the studio every day working on anything that could possibly be for the album,” he says. “Me and Katie Got Bandz, we’re working on a mixtape. I’m probably going to start working on a mixtape with my artist Leek.”

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