Following a critique faith-based rapper Andy Mineo made in regards to Christian rap, the New York City emcee called the genre “corny,” Mineo has now apologized for the comments he made during his interview with MTV.

Mineo posted his apology via Facebook earlier this week on January 15 as he proceeded to “share a few things” with those planning on tuning in to watch his first interview with MTV.

“Today my first major MTV interview is airing! I’m excited about it, but, I also want to share a few things w those tuning in,” he said. “Those interviews are so tough. So much is running through my mind as I think through how to navigate each answer on the spot. I’m constantly pondering how to be honest, faithful, considerate of all parties watching and biblically accurate. All while knowing everything is being recorded and can and will be scrutinized by the internet.”

He later went on to apologize to anyone who may have been offended by the statements he made to MTV and expressed his appreciation for those who voiced their opinion on the comments he made.

“Simply put, there’s a lot of pressure and never enough time to fully explain each statement. I am not beyond making mistakes,” Mineo said. “I can and will. I definitely could have chosen my words more carefully to consider my audience better in this interview. I’m learning. My apologies go out to anyone who may be offended by some of my statements on air. I appreciate those that have taken the time to call out error in love. Pray for me as I continue to grow and learn to be an effective missionary in hip hop culture.”

During his interview with MTV this week, Mineo spoke on those who may have written off the type of music he makes and shared his belief that the majority of Christian rap has come across as “corny.”

“I hope people listen to the music,” he said. “Don’t write it off because there is a Christian doing it and it’s been labeled that way, because if I’m honest with you, Christian rap for the most part has been corny.”

Mineo’s interview with MTV and the apology that followed comes just days before the release of the rapper’s Never Land EP, which is slated for release on January 28.

Video of Andy Mineo speaking on Christian rap with MTV can be found below.

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