UW Battle League’s “High Stakes” event is set to be the stage for Hollow Da Don versus Loaded Lux, a much-discussed headlining battle between two high-profile Battle Rap emcees. In advance of their match-up, UW has released a face-off press conference featuring the battlers. In the press conference, Hollow Da Don speaks about a side of Loaded Lux he hopes to expose during their battle, which is slated to take place January 26 in New Jersey. 

“I got a secret,” Hollow Da Don says in the face-off clip. “I definitely got a secret January 26. There’s another side of king. All of that ‘beloved’ and all of that, it’s something under that. It’s John. Y’all don’t know John. I’m gonna introduce you to John.” 

During the face-off, Hollow Da Don also questions Loaded Lux about his age. 

“I’ve got some sources,” Hollow says. “Let’s break this down. You ain’t gotta answer, but Maryland, Ruff Ryders Tour, Cash Money. You was there, right? Cash Money Tour around 2000 when Head Ice battled? Because my sources say…HipHopDXYou didn’t do that interview? 2000? You was about 15 [years old] at that time, right? 15? In Maryland? In March? 15-year-old? Spellman High School too, right? You’re not just traveling to Maryland at 15. You were 19 in 2000, Lux. Let’s be real here. Weren’t you 19 in 2000? Tell these people, man. Let’s not dance around that, Lux. Alright. We’ll let that one slide. He wasn’t 19 in 2000. He was 15 in Maryland on tour with Cash Money. Concerts. Big life. Alright.” 

Hollow Da Don’s mention of HipHopDX is likely a reference to a May 2013 interview with Loaded Lux. During that interview, Loaded Lux spoke with HipHopDX about a Maryland concert where he witnessed Head Ice battle. 

“I remember watching Head Ice, no BS, man,” Loaded Lux said at the time. “We was at a concert. We went to [Baltimore, Maryland] to see the [2000] Ruff Ryders/Cash Money tour. I watched Ice, literally, in front of a big crowd, just really talk to D.N.Y. Everybody was trying to rap to them, and everybody was trying to get on. But I’m talking about shutting the strip down. It was like watching God, man, when I talk about these entities. We’re all vessels. But you could just watch that light come through them when they’re in that thing, and they’re saying what they’re saying. This shit is something else. You’ve gotta think. You’re living your life daily on a certain tempo, a certain level or momentum, I should say. But there’s always a time when you tap into your divine. That’s why I say, they ain’t built nothin’ that could really get with me like that. Because when I get into that thing, it’s all she wrote. They ain’t gon’ work hard as me. They ain’t gon’ prepare like me. They just ain’t gon’ do what I’m willin’ to do to become that. I remember watching Head Ice shut down a whole strip. It just felt like he was talkin’, but it was just the body language. The spirit that he had, it was just so captivating, man.” 

During the face-off, Loaded Lux also speaks about his mindset going into the battle. 

“It’s going to be biblical,” Lux says in the clip. “I’m gonna get in my zone. I never dispute what he does. That’s what he does. As far as me, when I’m up to bat, that’s all that matters.” 

The face-off can be viewed below. 

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