When Lord Jamar posted on Instagram in January 2013 about a male model wearing a dress and wrote, “Y’all Cee where the Kanye shit is takin us right? #halfafag,” he said that people took his statement out of context. 

“Everybody saying that I called [Kanye West] half a fag and all this type of shit,” Lord Jamar says during an exclusive interview with HIpHopDX. “Like the original thing, I posted a picture on my Instagram of a strong-looking Black man with a blazer on, with a dress on under it, and some sneakers. So when I said, ‘Somebody mad at my hashtag, Instagram black man looking half a fag,’ I wasn’t talking about Kanye. I was talking about this dude in the picture. You understand? But a lot of people said, ‘Aw he’s calling Kanye a half a fag.’ I never called him half a fag. I was talking about that fashion sensibility to me was half a fag. It was half-man, half-woman.

“And what I said was, in my Instagram post, the reason why Kanye even got incorporated into it, I said, ‘ Do you see the climate that dudes like Kanye is creating by wearing the skirts and all of that?’” Lord Jamar continues. “Now people is trying to push it even further to a next degree where they got my man wearing just a straight up dress. When they see dudes, influential dudes like Kanye put on the skirt, or what he wants us to believe is a kilt, he is creating that atmosphere. So, that’s what I was saying. That was my statement.”

Last year, Lord Jamar also released the song “Lift Up Your Skirt (Kanye Diss)” about the situation, which was Lord Jamar’s reaction to Kanye West appearing on stage and at appearances wearing a skirt. In his song, the New Yorker raps, “Somebody mad at my hashtag / Instagram black man looking half a fag / Wit a blazer and dress / I’m just amazed at the mess / Pioneer of this queer shit is Kanye West / He introduced the skinny jeans to the rap scene / Then he wore a fucking skirt on a video screen / Then he wore it again at a memorial / I can’t pretend that this shit ain’t deplorable.”

Lord Jamar says that he does not know Kanye West’s sexual preferences and that he doesn’t care what they may be. But, Lord Jamar says that he does not agree with one of the styles Kanye West has been pushing.

“This feminine, emasculated style that’s trying to infiltrate Hip Hop, he’s one of the pioneers of that,” Lord Jamar says. “Now when I say queer, am I trying to say that gay people can’t be gay? No. Everybody can be who they want to be. I don’t hate anybody. I love all people. But you can love a person and not agree with their ways and actions. And there’s a difference between tolerance and promotion. Okay? And you’re never going to get me to promote something that I don’t agree with. I can tolerate it. I’m not out there trying to bash anyone or brutalize someone or stop them from having their freedoms, but everything has parameters, too. You see what I’m saying. And I’m saying this Hip Hop shit has parameters. Things grow and evolve, but at the same time, you have to keep those parameters in order for the thing to remain what it is, or else it becomes something else. That’s all I’m saying.”

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