This year’s “Blackout 4” event by King of the Dot is slated to take place January 24-25, but fans are still not sure who will be battling who at the event. The co-headliners, Dizaster Vs. Pat Stay and Bender Vs. Big T, have been confirmed, but the other battles on the card have yet to be revealed. This decision to “blackout” the audiences from all information was a deliberate one, a plan to do something that Battle Rap fans have not seen in this era of the platform. 

“Innovation,” Organik says of King of the Dot’s plans in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “We wanted to do something to add excitement to the scene again, to add some excitement to live events and for the fans and battlers involved. The concept for ‘Blackout’ was something I had been kind of toying with in my head for quite some time. At first, it was just an idea, but over time I would put more and more pieces of it together in my head on how it can work, be presented and most important of all marketed. We wanted to wait for the right time to pull it off, a time where we sat in a position to be able to do it right the first time and make it historic from the jump.” 

Earlier this month, Organik spoke about the “Blackout 4” idea.

“We’re gonna kind of keep y’all out of the loop as far as information goes and leave you guys to put the pieces of the puzzle together,” Organik said in a KOTD video blog. “We’re gonna be announcing battlers individually, but not who they are facing. Who they are facing, that’ll come out on the day of the event. You’ve gotta be at the event or order in the pay-per-view to find out who is battling who. I promise y’all, if you know our history, this is the best King of the Dot event we’ve put together yet.” 

The official trailer for “Blackout 4” can be found below. It includes battler names, but not the match-ups, save for the two mentioned above and the Ground Zero title bout between Step Easy and DDSS. 


Photography By: Tanya O

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