Method Man says he has heard a lot of criticism about his work as the co-star of Chozen, an animated comedy about a gay White rapper who was recently released from prison. 

Method Man recently spoke on Twitter about the criticism he has heard regarding the TV show, a program made by the creators of HBO’s Eastbound & Down. In his series of Twitter posts, which were published during the week, Method Man said that he does not care about anyone’s opinion of a show they have not seen yet, noting that the program is slated to premiere January 13 on FX.

In his Twitter statement, Method Man, who recently announced his The Meth Lab project, also says that he did not work on this program for the money. He says he was paid $1,500 – $2,000 an episode. “It was a favor,” Method Man says. According to Method Man, he did the work for free at first, only confirming that he was paid after “the show got picked up” by FX.

Furthermore, Method Man chastised critics of the show. “It’s a fuckin cartoon.These same hatin ass nigs cheer for Omar from the wire tho,” Meth said in a Twitter post. “So fuck off wit all that it hurts hip-hop bs only thing hurtin hip hop is u self loathing over opinionated wannabe thug ass niggas..smh.”

Omar from The Wire refers to Omar Little, a character in The Wire who is a gay man. Omar Little was portrayed by Michael K. Williams on the television series. 

Chozen is said to be written and executive produced by Grant Dekernion, who also reportedly raps on the songs featured on the show. SNL’s Bobby Moynihan is set to star in the series as Chozen, the lead character of the show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Method Man, Michael Pena, Hannibal Buress, Kathryn Hahn, Nick Swardson, Dekernion and Danny McBride are set to also work on the show. 

The trailer for the series can be found below, followed by Method Man’s Twitter posts.


As reported January 10, Method Man has released the cover art for his The Meth Lab mixtape, which is set to be released in March. Method Man also said his Crystal Mef album is slated to be released in August. 

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