This week, Bang’Em Smurf, Shia LaBeouf and DMX were involved in the most popular news headlines. Bang’Em Smurf addressed Mazaradi Fox’s passing on Twitter, Shia LaBeouf copied Twitter apologies from Kanye West and Gucci Mane, among others, and DMX dissed the quality of Rap.

Bang’Em Smurf Tweets “Rest In Piss” Regarding Mazaradi Fox

This week, Bang’Em Smurf gave HipHopDX an exclusive statement Monday (January 6) regarding his relationship with Mazaradi Fox.

“Fox was some old head from [Queens, New York] that mislead the youths to his dirty work,” Bang’Em Smurf said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “Never met the old nigga. Don’t know him, but he was disrespectin’ me and Domination over the ‘Net. That’s what sparked the feud. I take disrespect from no one and he spoke on my kids rydin’ 50 [Cent]’s dick, tryn’ to get a deal. Funny shit is he died on my birthday. Best gift of my life. Free Domination.”

Before releasing the statement, Bang’Em Smurf posted on Twitter about Fox’s passing.

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Shia LaBeouf Plagiarizes Gucci Mane’s Twitter Apology 

Shia LaBeouf copied a Gucci Mane Twitter apology in his own Twitter apology about skywriting this week. On New Year’s Day, the actor had an airplane skywrite “I’m sorry Daniel Clowes,” an apology for copying the author’s work for his short film. After being criticized for hiring the plane to skywrite the apology, LaBeouf apologized on Twitter. 

The LaBeouf apology was taken from a Gucci Mane apology from 2013

Beyond Gucci Mane, LaBeouf has also copied Kanye West’s apology shortly after.   

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DMX Disses Quality Of Rap Addresses Eminem’s Talent Recent Arrests 

In a recent DMX interview, the rapper spoke about his take on the current state of Hip Hop.

“The quality of rap fuckin’ sucks right now,” DMX said in an interview with 359HipHop. “There are certain nice rappers, but for the most part, niggas suck. That’s what the fuck it is, man. Take it how you want to fuckin’ take it. Straight up. The camera man agrees with me. That’s what it is man, take it how you want to take it. Bring it. What?” 

In the interview, DMX also praised Eminem’s talent. 

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Other Items Of Note From The Week In Hip Hop

– Jeezy Arrested On Battery, False Imprisonment & Terroristic Threats Charges

– Ice Cube Regrets Not Working More With Dr. Dre

– Chief Keef Tweets About Stolen Marijuana While In Rehab