Mike Jones, who released his most recent album in 2009, is slated to release a new album in 2014, according to the rapper. During an interview with XXL, Jones also spoke about why he has not released an album since ’09. 

“Fighting politics, learning politics,” Jones said. “It was just a lot of misunderstandings. In ’05, the proof was there—I mean the numbers, the name. I guess in ’06 people wasn’t ready for R&B type of music. ‘Cuddy Buddy’ was ’06, ‘Next To You’ was ’06. Then it was still street music. They wanted more ‘Still Tippin.’ They didn’t want no ‘Cuddy Buddy.’ They didn’t want no ‘Next To You.’ Two to three years later, it [was] all about R&B. The momentum got slowed down fighting politics. A label that I thought was going to be down with whatever I’m coming with, especially when I did 2.5 [million] out the gate. Y’all pushing people who not even selling a million.”

During the interview, Jones also says that he is slated to release Money Train, which he referred to as a “movement,” a mixtape that will include “everybody that is about to make money.” After this, Where Is Mike Jones? is slated to be released. It’s set to include artists from Money Train. 

“I gotta let y’all know where I been,” he says. “I gotta let y’all know what I can do and what I been doing. It’s just stuff people got to know.” 

During a 2013 interview with New York’s Power 105, the Paul Wall spoke about his current relationship with Mike Jones

“I saw him at XXL [magazine’s headquarters] yesterday when we were leaving out he was just coming in,” he said when asked about Mike Jones. “We spoke, said what’s up. Ain’t no hard feelings on my part at all. Some people get it twisted and try to twisted around. I don’t know how he feels, but there’s no hard feelings on my part at all. We had a hell of a run together, made lots of money together. We put on for our city. That’s something for me to be proud of.”

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