Bleacher Report has created a list of the worst athlete rappers of all time. Ranking 12 artists from “worst to worstest,” Bleacher Report notes Kobe Bryant as its worst athlete rapper ever.

“‘K.O.B.E.,’ the ill-fated collaboration between Kobe Bryant and Tyra Banks, is what happens when the unyielding hubris of a first-round draft pick collides violently with the fame-hungry desperation of a washed-up model,” Bleacher Report says. “The result is a vacuous black hole of self-admiring struggle, and wordplay cheesy enough to make Will Smith sound like DMX by comparison.”

A “standout lyric” from the track selected by Bleacher Report can be found below.

“I don’t know, yo,” Kobe raps on the track. “These women come and go / Like the wind they blow / How do I know for sure? / When God talk to me, give me a signal / But until then, all my ears hear is just let me flow.”

A video containing Kobe Bryant’s “K.O.B.E.” can be found below.

Kobe Bryant has been the subject of several raps by emcees. Lil Wayne dedicated his “Kobe Bryant” selection to the Los Angeles Lakers star who is currently injured. Kanye West has appeared in a Kobe Bryant commercial for Nike.

Bryant has played in 18 seasons as a Lakers guard. In those 18 seasons, Bryant has scored 31,700 points, making him the fourth leading scorer in league history. He has earned one NBA MVP trophy, two NBA Finals MVP trophies and four All-Star MVP trophies during his career. As a member of United States’ men’s basketball team, Bryant earned two gold medals in the Olympics. Bryant has also been named to the All-Defensive 1st Team nine times and the All-NBA 1st Team 11 times, according to ESPN

John Cena, Roy Jones Jr., Chris Johnson and Juan Pierre round out the list’s “worst” 5 athletes who have rapped. 

The list also includes Steve Francis, Chris Webber, DeSean Jackson, Clint Dempsey, The 1986 Los Angeles Rams NFL team, Lamar Odom and Serena Williams

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