In response to an inquiry Saturday (January 4) regarding sending a RIP shout-out to Mazaradi Fox, Bang’Em Smurf tweeted later that day that, “Hell nar fuck that nigga rest in piss salute to u tho 100!”lol them niggas don’t know you ain’t fuck wit that nigga.”

Bang’Em Smurf gave HipHopDX an exclusive statement today (January 6) regarding his relationship with Mazaradi Fox.

“Fox was some old head from [Queens] that mislead the youths to his dirty work,” Bang’Em Smurf said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “Never met the old nigga. Don’t know him, but he was disrespectin’ me and Domination over the ‘Net. That’s what sparked the feud. I take disrespect from no one and he spoke on my kids rydin’ 50 [Cent]’s dick, tryn’ to get a deal. Funny shit is he died on my birthday. Best gift of my life. Free Domination.”

Mazaradi Fox, an emcee formerly affiliated with 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records, was shot and killed January 3 in Queens, New York. A NY Daily News article reports that the shooting took place shortly after 4:00 pm. The emcee, who was never officially signed to the label, was the only victim pronounced dead on the scene. Three other victims were all rushed to nearby hospitals. reports that one of the victims, a female in her twenties, is Mazaradi Fox’s daughter and suffered a graze wound to the neck.  

In 2005, Bang’Em & Domination released the album God Giveth God Taketh Away. He was also prominently featured in 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ DVD.

Bang’Em Smurf’s tweets from Friday are as follows:

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