It has been quite some time since Tashera Simmons, the ex-wife of rapper DMX, ended her relationship with the New York emcee, and during a recent interview with Forbez DVD Live, Simmons revealed the exact reason why she chose to file for divorce.

Despite DMX’s constant struggle with drugs, his ex-wife revealed that it was his infidelity that convinced her to officially put an end to their lengthy relationship.

“The day that I finally decided to do that wasn’t cause of the drugs, sadly,” Simmons said. “I mean, he would run all over me. Talk any kind of way. Anything, in front of the kids with the drugs. I still felt like I made an oath. That was my husband through thick and thin. I felt like that drug was a disease. So, I wasn’t gonna leave him, but when he started having kids and he didn’t seem remorseful. And on top of that I felt like ‘Damn, you supposed to be my husband. My protector. You’re having unsafe sex not once, but like seven times.’ That showed me he really didn’t care. He took my kindness for weakness.”

In addition to DMX’s relations with other women, Simmons says there was another incident that proved vital in her decision to leave X. According to the You Think You Know, You Have No Idea author, her oldest son Xavier Simmons threatened to kill his father the next time he was verbally abusive to his mother.

“The three little ones they used to be very afraid of him because all they can remember is him yelling through the house and cursing me,” she said. “Xavier used to be afraid of him and that’s what actually—with the combination of the kids and him telling me one day that he’s gonna kill his father the next time he talks to me like that is what broke me up because I wasn’t gonna do it for myself obviously. But when I saw that hate in his eyes I was like it’s time for me to make a decision because I don’t want my son to grow up and think that that was okay.”

After being away from his father for a year and a half, Xavier Simmons recently reunited with DMX during an episode of the OWN television show Iyanla Fix My Life. Tashera Simmons, who also appeared on the show, recalled watching her son “cry his heart out” during his conversation with DMX.

“When they asked me for my son to be on the show I said, ‘Absolutely not’ because he’s been through enough,” Simmons said. “And I ran it by him just to say, ‘You know what they wanna’ and he said, ‘Mom, I want to confront my father.’ I’m like, ‘You sure you ready for that?’ And he said, ‘I’m ready.’ So, I didn’t ask him what he was gonna say because I didn’t want to try to, you know, put anything in his head because he’s seen everything anyway. I didn’t see it actually until it aired and it made me cry…It was meant for me not to be there because it would have went—because I’ve never lost my character on TV. I’m a real humble person, but to see my child cry his heart out…And he was trying to justify his wrong to his child.”

In addition to Iyanla Fix My Life, DMX and his ex-wife have appeared on the VH1 reality show Couples Therapy.

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