Logic, who says that his debut album is slated to drop this year, recently spoke about the creative freedom that he is afforded through his record deal with Def Jam. 

“The deal that I got with Def Jam through Visionary is incredible,” Logic says in a video released through All Def Digital. “We do what we want and the label just supports it.” 

In the clip, Logic also praises those working with him behind-the-scenes. 

“My team is everything,” he says. “There are so many people in my camp that have allowed me to get to this level. I definitely don’t take it for granted. What we have to always remember as musicians and artists is to just focus on the craft. That’s all that matters.” 

Logic has announced that his debut album is slated to be released this year. That promise was made via Twitter.  

In December, Logic spoke with HipHopDX about his upcoming album

“This record actually has a lot of significance as far as lyrically,” Logic said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “This is one of the first songs where I really…In my career, my fans know [me], definitely, without a doubt with records like, ‘Dear God’ or ‘Dead Presidents III,’ where I have delved into who I am as a person and the things that I’ve gone through. However, I have never truly brought you into the world of like Bobby, the person. Kind of been a lot about Logic.

“I feel like with rappers and mixtapes, its kind of like, we rap and we show our worth,” Logic continued. “So it’s like, ‘I’m this good because I can rap like this, check out this style, check out this, that.’ That’s kind of what we do [with] mixtapes, to be honest. But with the album, it is totally different. I want this to be why my fans are my fans. I want them to get to truly know me. You can hear it in Kendrick’s mixtapes, you know, kind of being the best and you can hear it in Cole, just them rapping, but there are some really incredible songs that they have of great meaning and who they are, but I feel like in their album, that’s where we really got to know who they were, not only as rappers, musicians and artists, but as people.” 

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