Referencing a series of Tweets he released in November, emcee and Funk Volume founder Hopsin recently spoke with ThisIs50 about the effect that his social media activity has.

Asked about the Tweets he let loose on November 6, Hopsin says he was surprised at the reaction his words drew. “I just be saying shit,” he said. “What happened that day? I was just really sleepy or some shit and I woke up early, I just had to do some work, I was just like, ‘Ah this is one of those days.’ I didn’t actually literally mean it. I was just tired.”

Two of the Tweets in question, which HipHopDX reported on two days later, appear below.



Speaking to the reaction the Tweets garnered, Hop told ThisIs50 about learning that his Tweets became industry news. “I was just chilling,” he said, “and a few hours later my assistant called me and she was like ‘Yo, XXL and HipHopDX, they posted your Tweets that you’re gonna commit suicide.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ I was just posting it. I do dumb shit daily and I was like, ‘What the hell? They posted that shit?’ Everybody on the Internet was like, ‘Oh my god,’ I was like, ‘Oh damn. It’s that simple to get everybody going?’ I was like, ‘Hell yeah. I got the fucking world in my hand now.’”

Addressing rumors that he is planning a post-tour hiatus, Hopsin confirmed plans to slow down his musical activity in favor of focusing on his personal life. “I’m about to do the tour,” he said, noting that he will take time off while overseas. “I’m about to go to Australia. It’s too much shit. I’m doing too much music stuff. I just need to go live a personal life now and focus on that more ‘cause I been going 100 on the career shit and just touring all the time. I’m never home. It’s not satisfying me. I’m never home. My bed is unfamiliar to me.”

While on ThisIs50, Hopsin also described his pre-fame status as an extra for a number of television shows. “I been on like hundreds of TV shows, like more shit than John Tucker Must Die,” he said in reference to a small role in the 2006 comedy. “But I was an extra. An extra is nothing. That’s the fucking shit in the background. Nobody pays attention to no fucking extra. You would not even be able to see me, like it’s rare that people would spot me out in these shows. I was all the way in the background, just little black dude in the background. You’re not gonna really see me in any of this stuff.

“That’s how I was making a living for like five years,” he continues. “That was my living, I was still doing music, every time I went home from doing that, but it’s just, I needed to pay the bills and all that.”

Describing some of the specific series on which he appeared, Hopsin named several examples. “I was in ‘Gilmore Girls,’” he said, “I was in ‘Malcolm in the Middle.’ I was on fucking ‘Cold Case,’ what is it? Some fucking cop shows.”

When prompted about his appearance on the Disney Channel series “That’s So Raven,” Hopsin, who held a small speaking role in a single episode, talked about the experience. “That’s my shit,” he said. “I’m proud of that shit. I was like 16 years old. That was an accomplishment.”

Hopsin’s Knock Madness Tour is scheduled to begin on January 18 in Santa Cruz, California and is set to continue to make stops in the United States before heading overseas on March 31 for a show in Cathouse, Glasgow.

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