Don’t Flop Entertainment, a Battle Rap league based in England, has released a video recapping the past year.

In the clip, Don’t Flop showcases various battles that have taken place in its many events, battles that have gone on to transcend to different countries through YouTube.

This year, Don’t Flop has featured rappers from different countries, including the United States. Dizaster, DNA, Charlie Clips, Real Deal and Cortez have been among the battle rappers who have traveled overseas to appear in Don’t Flop Entertainment’s events.

One American who made headlines during a Don’t Flop battle was Daylyt, a rapper who stripped during his battle with Dialect while in England.

Another battle that made headlines through Don’t Flop was one that ended in a proposal. Mos Prob’s engagement speech to Rapunsell can also be seen in Don’t Flop’s 2013 recap video.

The recap video can be seen below. 

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